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Each peer advisory board is carefully selected to ensure that members come from non-competing industries, allowing for open and honest discussions without the fear of competition. Our certified facilitator coach, Robyn, will guide each monthly meeting, ensuring that every member has the opportunity to share their expertise and receive valuable feedback from the group.

CEO Peer Advisory Boards

Each month, Robyn will meet with you individually in a one-on-one coaching session. You will discuss how business is progressing by comparing actual versus projected results. Together we will develop the tactics needed to achieve your projected results. These executive business coaching sessions utilize a variety of tools.

Private Strategy  Coaching

Designed for busy leaders and their companies, StratPro is a power-packed program that combines expertly facilitated leadership workshops with follow-up sessions dedicated to Execution and Accountability. We work with your leadership team to ensure alignment around the corporate vision and strategic direction.

Strategic Planning & Diagonostics

The Alternative Board Difference

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